Digital Photography School

TITLE: Digital Photography School


AUTHOR: Darren Rowse

DESCRIPTION: This website has everything you need to know about photography laid out in an easy to understand way. I personally receive weekly email updates from them offering me photography challenges, different tips & tricks, and professional advice all for free!

WHAT WORKED: The tutorials are laid out nicely and let you know what you’ll learn before you even start. Under the tutorials tab, there are also links for most recent posts, most popular, for beginners, composition tips, and how to photograph. You can go from beginner to pro all on one website.

WHAT DIDN’T:  I find the ads very distracting. I realize it is part of having a blog, and you need funding, but i would like to see less of that in the future. Or even a different placement of ads.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: I can’t think of anything i would change. This is a wonderful website.

WHAT I FOUND INTERESTING AND USEFUL: There are a ton of links on this site that share more information than you’d know what to do with. I love Darren’s posts about different shortcuts on Photoshop. I never knew there were so many hot keys to speed up the process. I would highly recommend checking out Digital Photography School, and subscribing to their emails.



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